Monday, September 16, 2013

Challenge Update

I didn't do too well with the 10-day challenge.

Shape Up:
* Exercise daily (MWF walk at park, TTH light weights) - Missed 2 days of exercising
* No eating after 9 - Did pretty good with this
* Only water or Sleepy Time after dinner - did good with this
* Eat healthy snacks (no chocolate or chips) - did OK with this, chips are my downfall
* Go to bed by 10:30 - did good with this

Pare Down:
* Only shop for essentials and gifts - eh, not so good
* Go through fall/winter clothes - did not do
* Fill diaper box with donations - filled 3 boxes!

Tune In:
* Actually write in my One Line a Day journal - Did!
* No Facebook - I went 1 step further and deleted my Facebook
* No phone when kids are present - did good
* Read and play game with daughter every day - only did this about half the days

I am going to continue to challenge myself in these areas. I think all of these are important and need to be implemented in my life. I think I may take on one at a time, then when it is a habit move on to the next.

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